NOORPUR THAL/BAHAWALPUR/BAHAWALNAGAR/SARGODHA - The activists of different religious and political parties brought out rallies here in Noorpur Thal, Pelowains, Rangpur, Jauran Kalan and several other adjoining areas to express their resentment against blasphemous film produced by an American Jew, here the other day. The participants of the rallies were carrying banners and placards and chanted slogans against the US and Israel. They burnt flags of both the countries and effigies of the American Jew and Pastor Terry Jones who produced the blasphemous film. In Noorpur Thal the activists of different religious, political and social parties held demonstrations at Kashmir Chowk. Addressing the protesters, former Jamaat-e-Islami district Khushab ameer Advocate Malik Muhammad Waris Jasra, Allama Naveed, Arshed Haideri, Allama Sher Muhammad Sialvi, Maulana Qari Muhammad Ismail Sialvi and Malik Muhammad Kausar Awan said that Americans, Israelis and their agents stepped up their cultural onslaught against Muslims and Islam. They warned that the satanic acts of Jews and Americans would jeopardize the world peace as the Muslims could not tolerate such things whatsoever. The speakers demanded the government to sever ties with the US forthwith and take up the issue on international platforms to avert such occurrences in the future.  BAHAWALPUR, people from all walks of life condemned and protested against anti-Islam movie made by a Jewish here across the district the other day.As per detail, people from all walks of life protested against the desecration of Islam and Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). On the occasion, the demonstrators said it was a satanic and destructive act which could demolish peace and harmony among communities across the globe. They chanted slogans against the US and Jewish and urged the administrations of Google and other internet websites to ban the movie. They warned that such foolishness and blatant attack on Islam would not be tolerated.BAHAWALNAGAR, scores of citizens staged a demo against blasphemous film release in America. Demonstrators gathered at Rafique Shah Chowk and Chanted slogans against Americans for "what they called" desecration of Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They said that the sentiment of Muslims all over the world had hurt by this satanic act and demanded the government to quit American affiliation. Meanwhile, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Ameer Maulana Ahmad Ludhanvi expressed his strong resentments against the blasphemous act while addressing workers here on Sunday. He said that due to the failure of the present govt the country had reached at the verge of devastation. SARGODHA, The activists and workers of Jamaatud Dawa took out a huge rally against the release of blasphemous movie here on Sunday.  The participants of the protest rally that commenced from Qainchi Morr, marched through various city road and reached Sharbatwala Chowk.  A large number of motorcyclists, rickshaws and motorists took part in the rally. The participants shouted anti-American and Israeli slogans. The speakers strongly condemned the attack on Islam and demanded the govt to summon US ambassador and lodge vehement protest over the satanic act of a jew and pastor Terry Jones.