PESHAWAR  - A roadside bomb planted by the Taliban killed 15 people in Jandool area of Lower Dir on Sunday, police officials said, when it blew up under a truck carrying villagers to a market near the border with Afghanistan.A Taliban spokesman said the attack, in the Jandool area of Lower Dir, 100 kilometres from the Swat Valley, was launched in revenge after villagers formed a pro-government militia. He said such attacks would continue.“We have informed them of the repercussions of supporting the government but they didn’t stop backing the armed forces,” Taliban spokesman Sirajuddin Ahmad said by telephone from an undisclosed location. A government official from the area said those killed were all civilians and none was a member of either the militia or the armed forces.Police said three women and three children were among the dead and 10 people were wounded. “It was a remote-controlled bomb blast which killed 15 people including three women and wounded 10 others,” local police official Farman Khan said.Farman, who was supervising the aftermath at the site, said the vehicle was targeted because it was carrying people known to be pro-govt. Another local police official, Javaid Khan, confirmed the incident and casualties.Support for the Taliban has fallen in some areas in the north, analysts say, in part because their bloody bombing campaigns have claimed so many civilian lives. Since 2009, the army has increased its control in much of tribal areas but insurgent attacks remain common.In 2009, about 30,000 troops went into battle against Taliban fighters controlled by Maulana Fazlullah, who for two years had terrorised people with a campaign of beheadings, violence and attacks on girls’ schools in Swat and parts of Dir.Dir borders the Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan, where a number of security officials believe Fazlullah and some of his fighters sought refuge. After heavy fighting that displaced an estimated two million people, the army declared the Swat region back under control in July 2009.