Floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 30 people and left several others missing, it has also destroyed or damaged thousands of homes in the Sindh region. When one has to ponder over the disaster faced by ill-fated Sindh province, it is the third consecutive year where floods have devastated the province, leaving millions without roofs over their head or any means of earning. Their livestock dead and the families are starving with no aid from government. One can witness the victims profusely weeping and waling with no one to hear their cry. We could lay the blame on the bad construction, bad governance, no checks and balances, or respect for human life or property, but the reality is different. Estimated victims are almost more than 4.9 million; they are calling on NGO’s, human rights, social engineers and the provincial government to find a long lasting solution to the incessant problem ravaging the regions in Singh.HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, September14.