BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany ordered some staff members to leave its embassy in Sudan and bolstered security at the mission in Khartoum after it was stormed on Friday by protesters infuriated by an anti-Islamic film made in the United States. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in Berlin said the staffing levels at the embassy in Khartoum had been reduced, although she did not provide any numbers. She said additional security personnel was sent to protect the building. The situation was tense at the embassy in Khartoum but calm at the moment, she said.About 5,000 people protesting against the blasphemous film outside the embassy stormed the building on Friday and raised a flag above the mission.They smashed windows, cameras and furniture in the German complex and then started a fire, witnesses said. It was unclear why the German embassy was singled out since the film was made in the United States and Muslim outrage has led to crowds assaulting US diplomatic missions in a number of Muslim countries.