Sindh is the land of Sufis and mystic who always preached harmony, peace, love and brotherhood. They never discouraged anyone on the basis of language, religion and creed. People gathered around them with affection. Hindus, Sikhs and other minorities have been living here harmoniously for centuries.The reports about the Hindus migration to India are quite baseless. It is just a propaganda campaign launched by anti-state and anti-democratic forces. It is a fact that the Hindus have successfully and effectively been contributing in developing local business to ensure easy supply of various commodities to people. Their valuable and loyal efforts in the development of diversely rich civilization are praiseworthy. It is a fact that Hindus go for pilgrimage to neighboring country’s religious sites and not for any other reason, as Sikhs come to Pakistan to visit their sacred places, as well as Muslims go to Saudi Arab for the same purpose. However, there are some concerns and President Asif Ali Zardari has taken serious notice of the news that Hindus are fleeing from Sindh and he has constituted a committee to look into the issue and grievances of Hindu community. Besides this, a cell has been established in the FIA where members of minorities can lodge their complaints about injustice if they have any. Present democratic government is fully committed to protect the rights of minorities at any cost. No one will be allowed to violate the Constitution which guarantees full rights to them to practice their religion. Hindus and other minorities are as loyal to Pakistan as the majority is. PPP government has increased 100 percent minority’s funds and seats in senate as well. People should not pay heed to the baseless news of exodus of Hindu community from Sindh. We are born here and we will die here. MOINUDDIN, Lahore, September 3.