History of the world reveals that people in power attempt to subdue their rivals in order to impose their own system of beliefs and lifestyle. In doing so, they terminate the reality of the indigenous people. As an example we can see the Red Indians of America, despite pressure and domination they tried to keep their personal beliefs and heritage intact. Since the cold war ended, the United States of America needed en enemy to make other countries of the world recognize its importance and its military might and technological advancement. The think tanks of America found the Islamic way of life a great threat to there future. The war against terrorism is a cover for waging war against Islam and Muslims all over the world in an attempt to dictate others to follow there life style and culture. Muslims find it hard to follow the beliefs and practices in USA; even people who live there, try to protect their children from the cancer of the West. The liberalism, the death of family values, lack of religious and moral values keeps the Muslims away from following in the foot steps of USA. But, some of the Muslims are confused due to the manipulative international media. The media giants are working against the Muslims openly under the guise of Liberal Islam.In this regard, our media could have played a sensible role to inform its audience about the real picture of the volatile world working against the Muslim. A newspaper or a news channel or the radio, ought to call a spade a spade. Though we have seen giants in media who give coverage from all over the world, they are biased. The world is only seeing international channels and what they report. The Muslim world should unite in bringing a TV news channel which can give our side of the picture. The world is seeing only one side of the coin. We can stop playing in their hands by being more informed.JAWED AHMED KHURSHEED, Karachi, September 11