Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has strongly criticized the increase in POL prices and said a resolution would be tabled in the National Assembly in this connection. He said if the PML(Q), ANP and MQM were sincere in reducing the difficulties of the people, they must support the Resolution.

Talking informally with media persons at the Parliament House here in Islamabad on Monday, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the government instead of giving relief to the people was bent upon sucking the last blood of the masses. He termed the increase in POL prices as unjustified accusing the ruling party of feeling pleasure in giving pains to the people. He termed the increase in POL prices as “ Jugga Tax”  and said it has no relevance with international prices and the government only wanted to generate additional revenue.

Leader of the opposition said while MQM, ANP and PML (Q) raise hue and cry for the people and they would be tested through the resolution being moved by the PML-N. He said if these parties agreed to support the opposition, they would succeed in giving relief to the people.

To a question, Nisar said the nation has given lot of respect to Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and he should avoid giving statements which are contrary to the facts. He said such statements would not damage any politician but would have great repercussions for Pakistan.

He said the PML-N started contacts with opposition for the care taker set up because when the assembly is dissolved, the care taker Prime Minister is decided within three days by thePrime Minister and leader of the opposition.  He hoped that two names would be short listed which would have consensus of all the opposition parties for the slot of prime minister.

He said message for Imran Khan was sent through a member of  Shaukt Khanum hospital board of director who is a close friend of Imran Khan. He said the PTI rejected PML-N proposed names and gave two other names. He said statement by Imran Khan that the PTI was not consulted was surprising.