KARACHI - Pakistan Steel, the first and largest industrial unit of the country, holds a seminar to revive its safety measures and create awareness for industrial safety, after the sad national incident of Karachi and Lahore.

Since after the incident none of the industries yet revived its safety measures although orders have been placed from different forums. The CEO Pakistan Steel Muhammad Javed, while expressing sorrow and offering prayers on the deaths in the fire tragedies in Karachi and Lahore, said that adaptation of safety measures help in saving lives, something which is of utmost importance.

He said Pakistan Steel has a separate department for implementing Safety Measures & Fire Fighting which is well equipped and organised to face any sudden incident. He said that PSM is the country’s largest industrial unit where there is a probability of incidents, so taking precautions and safety measures prior for keeping away any chance of accident is a must duty of each employee, the officers, will have to work consciously in the operations area. He emphasised for taking all safety measures, trainings for fire fighting and other protective measures to all employees for saving human life, which is the most precious thing. 

Incharges and Safety Officers of the Department will be responsible if any incident happens, he added and directed all the head of departments to depute trained and skilled persons on the relevant jobs, ensure a safe environment and ordered drill activities for the fire fighting team to reach different points within time.