Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Monday urged the nation to inform the authority any viewable links of Anti-Islamic websites promptly and efficiently.

"Through this release, it is again requested to bring into PTA's notice if any Anti-Islamic video is available for viewing through any ISP/mobile operator in Pakistan at any time on following email; The PTA will take prompt action," said a handout.

The statement also referred to the directions by the Supreme Court for blocking the access of all anti-Islamic blasphemous videos on YouTube, including recently launched anti-Islamic film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world.

"By Monday evening, 934 websites carrying such a material have been blocked on Internet by PTA out of which over 650 URLs have been banned on YouTube. However, the surge of Anti-Islamic Video is massive, causing unrest in the country," added the statement.

The PTA has sent a list of Anti-Islamic secured links to the Facebook, which have been blocked from viewing, the statement added.