MUZAFFARGARH - Expressing their deep grief on the loss of hundreds of lives during a fire incident in a Karachi garments factory, the Muzaffargarh Chamber of Commerce and Industry demanded that the government should provide monetary support to the victims' heirs and the injured persons.MCCI President Rashid Sheikh said that about 100 workers hailing from Southern Punjab were burnt to death in the incident while dozens of others received burn injuries. He said there was negligence on the part of various government agencies which are responsible to implement safety measures at work places.He said that government departments pressure industrialists to get money in the name of implementation of rules but they do not pay attention to implement such rules. He wondered how a factory without safety arrangements was allowed to continue working and termed it equal to making mockery of the laws. He said the incident should be thoroughly and impartially investigated into so as to ensure whether it was a fire incident or an outcome of extortionists' threats. He said that the incident would give a bad name to the country. He also demanded an to address such shortcomings and against responsible people for the incident. 93 to get tractors: About 4,326 small farmers of the district have submitted applications for getting tractors under the Chief Minister's Green Tractors Scheme 2012.   Official source, 93 growers will be provided tractors through balloting with a subsidise rate of Rs0.2 million each. The source further said that applications were being scrutinised and rejected applicants could file appeal with the District Committee by Sept 15.