PESHAWAR - The rickshaw drivers running their rickshaws inside University of Peshawar are openly violating the fare list fixed for the campus, as they charge more than the agreed fares for different routes.

Students said on Saturday that the university campus has a huge area inside, it comprises of five universities, some colleges, schools and residential areas. Rickshaws and some other transport are active in the campus to make easy reach of the people to their destinations. The fares of all of the intra-transport decides by the university administration.

A student of Agriculture university Afaq Khan belonging from Malakand told TheNation that “I am residing in a hostel of agriculture university Peshawar, which is the last end for all transport vehicles in the campus, so we suffered a lot with the fare prices determined by the rickshaw drivers own well.” He complained that the boards inscribed with rickshaw fare list have been removed from the rickshaw stand in front of Khyber Medical College (KMC) Peshawar to make confuse the students about the fare prices.

Another person living in the Lalazar Colony adjacent to the university said that most of the time we charged with the higher fares, especially at late hours, mean after 9 o’clock. The normal fare price to the agriculture university is Rs 30 but it is charging Rs 40 openly and one can be suffered even with Rs 50 when he didn’t know about the actual prices, another student added.

A rickshaw driver at the rickshaw stand in front of Khyber Medical College said that CNG prices increasing day by day, but the fares prices are still constant. The prices of the all routinely using commodities hikes, this why the people confronted with the high fare prices he added. He also mentioned the pass fee of rickshaw taking by the university but found mum when asked, did you complaint to the authorities to increase your fare prices by increase in the fuel prices.

Fazal Sher the Administrative Officer of the University of Peshawar said that administration issued the working passes only to 53 rickshaws in the campus. The boards inscribed with fare prices were installed at different places in the campus to guide the people about the fare rates. He said that it is wrote on the fare list that if someone has the reservations on the fare list, he talk to the administration not to impose his on fares otherwise his pass would be cancelled. He criticised the residents of the campus and said they are well off, because we receive very rare complaints from them regarding such an issue. He said if they would complaint we would take action then. He advised if any person cannot access them, then he should talk to the traffic police inside the campus.

Fazal sher the Administrative Officer said that the fare from KMC to Agriculture University is Rs 30, to Lalazar is Rs 25 and to Masjid Wasta Rs 20. But the practicing fare is Rs 40 and plus in the campus the students said. They appealed the university administration to spare some time and monitor all these fare prices.