KARACHI  - Most of the city areas are littered with garbage, which has not been removed for many days, as the operation of garbage vans has declined to almost 20 percent due to cut in their fuel quota by the municipal authorities. The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has over 200 garbage vans and the 18 towns own about 450 such vehicles but eighty percent of them were inoperative due to non-provision of required fuel, Syed Zulfiqar Shah, central chairman, Sajan Union (CBA) of KMC, confirmed while talking to PPI on Sunday. He said the sanitation staff was performing duty of sweeping the roads and streets despite non-payment of salaries but obviously the vehicles couldn’t operate with fuel, which has been curtailed drastically. When his attention was drawn to big heaps of garbage spread over a vast area just behind Sindh secretariat, Shah said that area falls in Saddar division where the fuel quota has been curtailed from 2500 liter to 1000 liter. All the solid waste of Burns Road and other adjoining areas is dumped there, he said. Zulfiqar Shah said provincial finance department has cut the monthly grants of local bodies of Karachi with the result that the employees were deprived of salaries for mo0nths. The cut in fuel quota was also result of it. They are compelling the municipal employees to take to the street. Unrest prevails among the municipal employees and any untoward incident might take place any time, he warned. Commuters suffer as CNG stations closed in Sind: Majority of commuters and motorists suffered as all compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in Sindh, including Karachi, closed on Sunday.The commuters looked worried on roads of the city waiting for their buses for hours. Filling stations closed yesterday morning at 9am across the province would reopen tomorrow morning at 9am.  This time the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) closed the gas supply for 48 hours as it faces shortage of gas due to the breakdown in three gasfields.Usually, CNG stations remain closed for 24 hours from 9am Saturday till 9am on Sunday every week across the province under the Sui Southern Gas Company's weekly gas load management schedule.