BAJAUR AGENCY - Speakers at a seminar said on Sunday that basic human rights and equal civic facilities are the fundamental rights of all the citizens, so the government should immediately extend them to Fata residents.

Local leaders of different political parties, social society activists, political and social analysts said while addressing a seminar held in connection with World Democracy Day.

A large number of political workers, tribal elders, tribesmen and social activist were attend the seminar organized by Bajaur political alliance (Bajaur Siasi Itihad).

Senior leader of PMLN local chapter Haji Rahat yousaf , Mambar khan of  Pakistan Tahrek-insaf ,Chairmen Bajaur social Development council Bahadar Said , notable tribal elder and chief of Inayat killi bajaur Attau-r-Rahman   senior social worker Hanif jan , Sharifullah jan , Shahid khan , Mohammad yar khan and other addressed the seminar .

Speakers said that democracy is the best system of governing and only democracy can provided civic and basic fundamental rights to all citizens equally. “Democracy is the guarantee of equal rights to all humans and only democratic system can protect the rights of common man,” they said.

The speakers said that according to constitution federally administrative tribal areas (FATA) is a part of the country but unfortunately, the tribesmen is deprived of the constitutional rights. They said that the tribesmen were the most loyal to the country and they always rendered sacrifices of their lives in the large interest of the country but rulers of the country was not ready to provide equal rights to the people of tribal areas.

They said that tribesmen were the peace full and civilized citizens of the country but Frontier crime regulation and lack of basic rights were the main hurdles of its development. “FCR and misbehaver of the administration were the basic hurdles of Fata development and prosperity and the tribesmen could not move forward until justice and fundamental rights could not extended to tribal areas,” they said.

The speakers rejected the reforms in fata system and said that these reforms were insufficient and they people did not see any positive changes in the tribal system. They demanded of the government to immediately demolish frontier crimes regulation in extend fundamental rights to the tribal areas.