The US has reacted to recent protests in the Muslim world against the anti-Islam film, by deciding to send in its troops to Muslim countries. This decision, to send troops to 18 locations, came after at least six protesters were killed in Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Lebanon on Saturday. Already stretched thin, with resources deployed in an unpopular war, the US military is now eyeing sending troops into Libya, after the failure of the regime it and NATO forces helped bring to power, ailed to protect either its consulates or restore a democratic government. Similarly, both the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq may indeed have led to the overthrows of Saddam Hussain and the Taliban, but both countries have been left in ruins and in a state of shock and political upheaval, which may well take decades only to return to the pre-war state of affairs. Although President Barack Obama may well have wanted to avoid burdening the economy further with yet more foreign adventures in this election year, plans are afoot to increase, not decrease US military presence across the globe. The dismal failures and embarrassments of the Afghan and Iraq war do not seem to have made an impression. As the USA is facing a major crisis in the Muslim world because its support for Israel that may well make it attack Iran, it can ill afford to further directly worsen its image by invading yet more countries. There is a legitimate reason for Marines to be sent in to guard missions under attack, but the use of drones in more and more countries also appears to be in the pipeline. Military solutions are no longer the answer for the US’ image problem. The winning hearts and minds effort can safely be said to have been stillborn and matters look set to get worse, as hubris and election posturing leads President Obama to become more deeply involved, militarily, in countries most resentful of US foreign policy. Not only will such decisions lead to greater hatred for US meddling, but it will also lead to further trouble for the US economy, not to mention provide an ideal opportunity for radical groups to recruit an ultimately wreak havoc in their host states. An unwise and unfortunate decision that cannot be condemned enough is about to be taken. It must be reconsidered.