HE has long been accused of chillaxing on the job. Now it seems Larry the Downing Street moggy has had one cat nap too many for his owner’s liking.In his second major reshuffle in two weeks, David Cameron has reportedly sacked his pet as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet after finally growing tired of Larry’s lethargy. It took Larry six months in the post before he made his first ‘confirmed kill’ last month and he doesn’t appear to have made any since. The breaking point came on Thursday when the Prime Minister found Larry asleep on his chair in his Number 10 study as a mouse ran across the room, according to The People.  Mr Cameron has now drafted in Chancellor George Osborne’s tabby Freya as the new Mouser of State to patrol Numbers 10, 11 and 12.Sources claim Larry will be completely sidelined and have described the new arrangement as a ‘job share’ to avoid any hurt feelings. Freya, who returned to Downing Street after going missing for three years, is thought to an altogether tougher and more street-wise predator. Larry was recruited last February to rid No 10 of its rodent problem, but swiftly earned a  reputation for napping rather than ratting.    –DM