ISLAMABAD - Despite designating the Haqqani network a Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) on September 7th, the US continues struggle to win over Afghanistan’s powerful resistance group to make it Washington’s future proxy,the sources said.Background discussions and interviews with diplomats and foreign policy analysts suggest that the United States was still struggling to win the so-called Haqqani network to use it as future proxy against Afghanistan’s neighbours.“The Americans have been and still are in talks with Haqqanis of Afghanistan. There are no two opinion about that”, sources said without substantiating purpose of the US clandestine talks.Some of them believed that US would try to use the Haqqani’s designation as FTO against Pakistan while some were of the view that US might use Haqqani’s al-Qaeda connections to target Iran to destabilise it.Those believing that the blacklisted Afghanistan based FTO claimed that before designating Haqqani network FTO, US has recently cut a deal with Haqqanis.Under the deal Haqqanis would provide logistic support to al Qaeda fighters to carry out terrorist missions in Iran while operating out from inside Afghanistan.“If you go by the history of how US works, it has long history of orchestrating such things. By blacklisting Haqqanis could mean otherwise”, said a senior Pakistani foreign policy analyst while speaking to The Nation on condition of anonymity.“You will soon see US backtracking on its FTO decision against Haqqanis”, he said, adding, for the short term objective Washington would use its decision to drive political mileage for President Obama’s race for second term in the forthcoming US Presidential elections.