The district administration has expressed its concerns over the poor security arrangements made by educational institutions in Khanewal district.

It made it clear that if anything untoward incident was taken place, strict action would be taken against such school’s head. During a meeting of all the heads of the schools about security arrangements, a district administration officer said that the government had spent huge amount to ensure the security arrangements in and around the schools.

“The maintenance of security arrangements is the prime responsibility of the schools’ heads. The negligence in this regard will not be tolerated. Not only serious disciplinary action will be taken but also an FIR would be registered against the negligent persons. The government is spending huge amount on educational system but unfortunately the educational institutes have not given desired results,” said the district coordination officer of Khanewal.

EDO Education Aizaz Ahmed Khan said that security of schools was the top priority of the government while the Education Department was focusing on and monitoring the process minutely as per rule and available resources. According to the government plans and orders, security will be ensured without any change, he said.

The EDO many schools’ buildings were under construction. However, until these buildings are repaired fully, security shuld be arranged around the schools.

To ensure the enrollment of students, the heads of educational institutes had been given targets, he said. He urged the teachers to play their role for the ‘Educated Punjab’ and ‘Educated Pakistan’. He said that teaching is profession of Prophets and the nation is proud of the community.