Azad Jammu & Kashmir echoed with anti-India slogans in the streets during the protest demonstrations across the liberated territory against the imposition of ban on slaughtering of cow and the sale of beef in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Call for the AJK-wide protest demonstrations was given by AJK government against the recent decision of the Indian occupied Kashmir High Court. It has slapped an 83-year-old colonial law imposing ban on the beef in across the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

The rallies in all major AJK cities including district and tehsil headquarters were the hallmark of the day. Besides, businesses, shops and government offices remained closed and public transport stayed off the roads for some time to mark the protest over the held Kashmir court’s decision.

In Mirpur, a major protest rally was taken out by hundreds of people belonging to all walks of life. The protest rally was held under the auspices of National Events Organising Committee in coordination with various social, political, students, government, semi government and private employees organisations.

City Administrator Khawaja Sajid Mahmood, Deputy Administration Baber Shehzad Chaudhry, National Events Organising Committee Chairman and Deputy Commissioner Amjad Iqbal, Vice Chairman and ADC (G) Haq Nawaz, Secretary General Altaf Hamid Rao, KPC’s Secretary General Shujah Jiraal, Sohrab Ahmed Khan and others led the rally which passed through various streets.

Speakers rejected the ban on the sale of beef in occupied Kashmir imposed the Indian held Kashmir High Court order. Through various unanimously-passed resolutions on the occasion, the protest rally called upon the international community to take immediate notice of such illegal and immoral action, by the Indian occupation forces in disputed Indian occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

“It is the blatant abuse of the religious rights and sentiments of the population of the Muslim Majority state of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir,” the resolution said inviting immediate action by the international forums like United Nations and Human rights organisation to get abandoned the aforesaid ban on slaughtering of.

Through another unanimously passed resolution, the rally strongly condemned the unprovoked Indian firing on Line of Control and the Working Boundary that led to the martyrdom and injuring of the innocent people along this side of the LoC in AJK.

Reiterating full solidarity with the valiant armed forces of Pakistan and the freedom-loving brethren of occupied Jammu & Kashmir the resolution declared that the people of AJK would not hesitate from giving any sacrifice for the defence of the geographical frontiers of Pakistan shoulder to shoulder the brave armed forces of Pakistan.