ISLAMABAD - Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Rodolfo Martin Saravia hosted a reception to say goodbye to the outgoing Nigerian High Commissioner Dauda Danladi, Thai Ambassador Tomwit Jarnson and former Chief of Protocol Moin-ul-Haq here at the embassy of Argentina.

A large number of ambassadors and deputy head of missions attended the reception. German Ambassador Ina Lepel informed that deputy minister for investment and development is visiting Pakistan soon to strengthen economic cooperation between Pakistan and Germany.

French Ambassador Martine Dorance was there after one month’s absence from Islamabad. She informed that she attended ambassador’s conference in Paris.

Responding to a question, she said that she made good proposals to enhance the cooperation between Pakistan and France and she is hopeful that there would be enhanced cooperation between the two countries.

High Commissioner of Malaysia, Hasrul Sani Mujtabar attended the first reception after the Gilgit tragedy in which he lost his wife.

After the incident, he remained very upset as he was among the survivors of the Naltar tragedy that happened on 07th May in Gilgit.

Thai Ambassador Tomwit Jarnson spent two years in Pakistan. In his speech he thanked the dean for his cooperation in his two years stay in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan and Thailand enjoy excellent political, economic, educational, cultural, tourism and people-to-people relations. He shared, “One of the proud moments for myself was the time when we successfully launched negotiations last month with Pakistan for bilateral free trade agreement and that it was something I had been pushing for the last two years.”

He further informed that during his tenure, the connectivity between Thailand and Pakistan has increased as now Thai Airways flies four days a week from Islamabad, five days a week from Lahore and six days a week from Karachi to Bangkok.

Jarnson said that Pakistan is very important country. It has diverse culture, fascinating beauty, rich historical legacy and friendliest people.

He appreciated the role of diplomatic corps and the dean during his tenure in Pakistan and said that it was the best batch of diplomats he had the pleasure to be associated with. He further said that he wants to see Pakistan growing and will play his part to promote Pakistan wherever he goes in future. For now he is going back to Bangkok to reconnect with his family.

High Commissioner of Nigeria Dauda Danladi spent three wonderful years in Islamabad. In his speech he said, “When I was appointed to Pakistan, my family and relatives were worried because of the security misperception about Pakistan in the western media.”

He shared his personal tragedy that after coming to Pakistan, he lost his son in the first month of his arrival and he is buried in H-11 graveyard.

“This will bring me and my family to Pakistan more often. Because of my son, we share strong bonding with Pakistan now,” he added.

During his tenure, it was the first time that the highest official visit took place between Nigeria and Pakistan as Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain went to Nigeria with seventy-member business delegation in which four trade agreements were signed to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

He appreciated the role of business community of Pakistan and Nigeria that supported him for developing relations between the two nations. He further added when he came to Pakistan, the trade volume between the two nations was 100 million dollars while in his tenure it boosted to 500 million dollars and he is hopeful that within a few years trade can be boosted to one billion dollar.

Rodolfo Martin Saravia appreciated the role of both the ambassadors and said that during their stay efforts were made to enhance the cooperation and links between Pakistan and their respective countries. He appreciated former chief of protocol Moeen ul Haq’s role as liaison and said that he was available twenty-four hours on his cell to all of them.

-The writer is freelance contributor.