A 15 year old young man was kidnapped in Rahim Yar Khan few months back, tortured and sodomised by three criminals. The police refused to register his complaint. After public protests, police arrest one suspect, along-with victim and lock both in same room. According to the victims family the police demanded Rs 50,000 to register an FIR. Frustrated and distraught the poor boy driven to desperation and shame, committed suicide by jumping in front of goods train. This happened in 2015 and other than mere suspension of policeman and taking notice by CM, nothing has been done. As long as such injustices continue, neither NAP nor killing thousands of terrorists will yield results, because as long as victims of blatant injustices, torment and ridicule are denied justice and not protected by State, they will be driven to desperation, willing to join terrorist gangs, seeking revenge from society, not necessarily driven by any ideology.

From 2005 onwards in Kasur, scores of poor children were kidnapped, subjected to rape, and sexual abuse which was recorded for blackmailing them, while police sat idle, unaware or unbothered. This gory saga was not revealed by the police, but when two powerful groups were entangled in a dispute and the matter became public. Instead of punishing criminals the local administration tried to politicise the matter by stating is was because of land dispute.

Thousands of lower middle class families have had their lifelong savings robbed by powerful land mafia dons, while the State looks other way. It is not just land mafia dons, but also DHA Valley Islamabad, which is now accused of doing same.

This country is today on the verge of financial and administrative collapse because we the people, our government and institutions have allowed it and ignored these crimes for too long, providing terrorists perfect space to recruit victims of injustices.


Lahore, August 22.