LAHORE - The era of Intikhab Alam and Zakir Khan’s realm in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is going towards an end practically.

According to sources, cricket board demoted both the directors. In its work on restructuring, the PCB has been bringing in infrastructural changes. The board has released orders to abolish the vacancies of director domestic and international cricket.

At one hand, the board has been demoting the directors while on the other hand, it has been promoting the directors, who has been performing well and deserve to be at better place, as it shows that the PCB is keen to bring betterment in the cricket board, the sources said and added yet there was a dire need to show pavilion to those high officials who were incompetent and a real burden on PCB and its kitty and the right and timely decision could help the board improve its performance.

Zakir Khan has been assigned new responsibilities but Intikhab Alam is out of town and will be assigned new duties after his arrival. Zakir will work as a manager U-19 Pakistan cricket A team while Intikhab will work as an advisor to PCB chairman on domestic and international cricket.

It is pertinent to mention here that both the officials had been attached with the board since long in different capacities and enjoying great perks and privileges doing nothing practically for Pakistan cricket. The board is now eager to sideline those who are burden to the board’s kitty and these two are on top list, the sources added.

Earlier, the board has assigned the responsibilities of Intikhab to Senior General Manager domestic cricket Shafiqe Papa and Zakir’s to Usman Wahla.