ISLAMABAD - The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports yesterday launched ‘SMS Raabta Service’ to update the applicants about the process and get feedback.

Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan, inaugurating the service at his office said: “The SMS is being introduced to save the masses from unnecessary frequent visits of passport offices to know the processing details of their travelling document and to improve the services of the directorate.”

The minister said that the government was soon going to start a cleanup operation in Nadra and FIA to curb corruption. “This cleanup op would be on national basis and not on political basis,” he said. Through the SMS, the applicants would be kept informed about the delivery of passports through SMS and they would also be able to give their feedback through options like attitude of staff, corruption and suggestions. SMS Raabta Service is based on customer feedback monitoring programme.

Nisar said that more than 73 new passport offices had been established all over the country while the government was going to establish Machine Readable Passport (MRP) facilities at 91 missions abroad. He admitted that overseas Pakistanis were facing difficulties is getting their passports in Pakistani missions. "A mega project is being started in big cities first in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and total in 13 other big cities in which start of the art centres were being established where citizens would get both CNICs and passports under one roof," he said, adding that this was being done to save people from unnecessary worries while getting these documents.

The minister said a passport home delivery system would also be introduced in next month first in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and would be delivered on the applicants' doorsteps. Subsequently, this home delivery system would be expanded to other major cities in next six months.