S: I see more of Raheel Sharif on the news than I see Nawaz Sharif, if I didn’t know, I would thought we were living under martial law, and Raheel Sharif is the dictator, and Nawaz Sharif the puppet Prime Minister. Which he once was, by the way.

A: It only seems like that, the COAS is always on the move. That is his job, to scour the borders, meet the troops and such. The Prime Minster leads a more sedentary lob profile; it stands to reason he is seen less.

S: But is it also his job to make statements on foreign policy? Is he also supposed to make local policy, push for law enforcement, approve death sentences and meet world leaders? We may have avoided a coup when PTI marched on Islamabad, but the military seems to be still the one that is calling the shots.

A: Is it? Is it still intruding if the civilian government gave it the authority to intrude? I know it is not their job and ideally I would object to it to, but the fact remains nothing has been done forcibly. The government gave them the authority to act at every step of the way, passed laws, and even amended the constitution. It feels like intrusion but it is an invitation. There is a difference.

S: Just like there is a difference between inviting someone in your house with open arms and inviting someone in because they have a gun to your head. The invitation exists in both scenarios, but we both know what is truly going on.