Child labor is a serious problem in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries. Labor is defined as physical or mental work especially of the hard or draining kind. The work done by the children under 15 years due to some circumstances is known as ‘Child Labor’. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are approximately 250 million children around the world, between the ages of 5 to 14, who are now working.

Pakistan, unfortunately, is amongst those countries in which child labor is at its peak. Children which are considered as innocent are being used to perform work which is beyond to their capability which should be taken as the act of brutality. Child labor is a crime and in the constituency of Pakistan it must be penalized and should be condemned, but still it is being done without any shame. Many NGO’s are working for the rehabilitation of such children but still the mafias behind these activities are for more stronger then these NGO’s.

Inhumanity is at its peak; those children, which are the future of the state and will be running the country in the upcoming years, are being destroyed. We can see all around our surrounding and we can find that children which should have books in their hands are having dirty plates, tools and shoes of the people. But unfortunately this crime has happened, and we get hurt for a while and then forget it.

According to a survey approximately 45% of the children in the state have been exposed to child labor in one or another means. The main cause behind the popularity of child labor in Pakistan is the ever increasing unemployment which has dragged many of the families below the poverty line.

There is strict need to stop child labor in this country. Awareness must be raised and the attention of parents ought to be diverted to the education of their children. Child labor laws should be put into practice strictly. In addition, the educational system of the country-must be reshaped and restructured according to national development goals. The orphans and other deserving children must be helped financially on a prolonged basis. It is also essential to eliminate child labor from the country, that the political, economical and social system of the country are need to be reshaped and such steps taken that make child labor in this country a crime. If we succeed to act upon these principles, our country can easily get rid of this problem i.e. child Labor. The agreement that has recently been approved by Pakistan, Norway and ILO to eradicate child Labor must be given importance and we hope that our rulers must put this agreement into practice using all means at their disposal.


Rawalpindi, August 31.