LAHORE - Sensing strong need for energy savings and the best energy management practices in Pakistan, Training and Development Centers of the Bavarian Employers Association (bfz) gGmbH, Germany in collaboration with SMEDA and various trade associations has initiated a project titled “ESPIRE” to implement Energy Managements System in members mills of Trade Associations. According to a press release issued here by SMEDA as a result of this joint collaboration 98 SMEs have successfully availed services related to Energy Efficiency and realized meaningful improvement as regard of Energy consumption.

Recognizing the significance of capacity building of both SMEs and their support institutions for sustainability of this initiative, bfz has developed Self Assessment Tools to enable SMEs to calculate both Energy Performance and Energy Saving potential of various equipment installed at their production floors. These Self Assessment Tools are developed for Pumping System, Boiler & Steam System, Motors, Compressed Air System, and Electrical Energy Mix.