The multi-talented Yasir Akhtar is back with another soulful and riveting tune “SANSANI -The Sensation”. Singer, actor, director and producer Yasir took a trip from Britain to Turkey to shoot the video for his beautiful song, capturing the stunning and serene natural beauty of Istanbul. ‘Sansani - The Sensation’ is Yasir Akhtar’s comeback into music. The trendsetter’s last track was from his popular British Asian drama serial ‘Sard Aag’ filmed in England.  Yasir latest music video “Sansani” is a love song. The intro of this new track has been played on a very popular and melodious Turkish and Afghani instrument ‘Rabab’. The rhythm includes a mix of club music techno; the song has a very soothing Middle Eastern feel to it. The launch of SANSANI is held in Manchester on 25th September 2015. Celebrities attending include Taz Stereo Nation, Sona Walia and other artists supporting by sharing their talents for the audience.

The concept of Sansani’s music video is on a main stream story line of most romantic movies produced in Hollywood and Bollywood.  Love at first sight, falling in love leading to a traumatic incident taking place. The video stands out from the norm including surprise element, revealing the climax of the video.