KHYBER AGENCY - The Pakistan border security officials barred the Afghan truckers from crossing into Pakistan without having legal documents, however following successful dialogue with transporters, the forces extended the deadline to September 30, to the transporters, administration official said on Friday.

As part of National Action Plan, the Pak officials had implemented restrictive mechanism system at Torkham to avoid illegal entry on the border and the Pak border security had set deadline of one month for the Afghan transporters to legalize their entry.

Last day following the end of the deadline, the Pakistan border security re-contained the border and the Afghan transporters without passport and visa were not allowed to cross into Pakistan, although with successful dialogue of representatives of Pak and Afghan transporters, the officials delayed its policy till end of the month, transporters said.

Haji Azeemullah represented Pakistan transport community while Haji Qasim from Afghan transporters held a meeting with Pak border security officials at Torkham. The transporters expressed regret over the confining policy of the Pak officials regarding transporters and said it would affect the transport carrying business.