NEW DELHI: To enable people of Balochistan settled across the world listen to Balochi content from India, All India Radio on Friday launched a multimedia website and app of its Balochi radio service. The short wave radio service in Balochi has been functional since 1974 and reaches several parts of Pakistan with a one hour capsule every day that contains news, news commentary and cultural programmes.

Officials said that the ministry of external Affairs has promised to help AIR with finance and Balochi talent to enable this modernization. PM Narendra Modi on Independence Day had brought up the issue of Pakistani atrocities on people of Balochistan and PoK.

All India Radio Director General Fayyaz Sheheryar said a content delivery system is being put in place at All India Radio which will monitor response and feedback to content being broadcast by All India Radio in foreign countries. He added this is an attempt to keep the Balochi diaspora settled across the world feel connected.

"Though the service has been operational and popular since 1974, the number of letters has come down. We are now looking at having email facilities. The website also has feedback mechanism with will help in connecting with our listeners better," said Amlanjyoti Mazumdar. Station Director (External Services Division).

The revamped service is aimed at making the contents and programmes of Balochi language available at multimedia platforms for easy access of listeners and create a global audience, said Prasar Bharti Chairman A Suryaprakash.

Courtesy Times Of India