Multan-The Shujabad City police registered FIR (No-462/16) of Sher Shah train crash on Friday.

The case was registered on an application filed by the Guard In-charge of Awam Express (14-Down) namely Nisar Ahmad under Railway Act 1890.

The FIR also included sections 320/ 427 and 128/ 129 of Railway Act. It was stated in the report that the train 14-Down collided with a freight train at a middle station between Shujabad and Sher Shah at 3:05am. As a result of which engine No-6303, luggage carriage 6577 and power plant of the train derailed while one passenger coach overturned. It further stated that three persons got killed while about 30 injured in the accident. “The down and up lines were blocked due to the accident.

Relief train and medical aid should be arranged,” the FIR sought the concerned authorities.

At least four passengers were killed and over 90 others injured when the Karachi-bound Awam Express (14-down) rammed into a freight train at Buch Station in Sher Shah area near Multan in wee hours of Thursday. Some media channels reported six casualties but the local authorities confirmed four killings.

The freight train had stopped at the accident spot due to the suicide of a man, who jumped ahead of it and ended his life. Railway authorities claimed that the signals were red but the driver of the Awam Express committed negligence and failed to stop his train.

However, the driver Abdul Rauf Shamoon rejected the allegation of negligence, claiming that there was no red signal. However, he admitted that the drivers could not read the new signal system properly. Railway sources also claimed that both the driver and his deputy attended a Qawali function on the night before the accident and remained awake. The restless drivers slept while driving 14-Down to Karachi.

The federal minister for railways has also ordered an inquiry and the report will be submitted in 72 hours.