It has been reported by the press and electronic media that the man who controls Pakistan’s jugular vein, Karachi, while sitting in London, is now moving his headquarters to Texas. It must be pointed out that his subversive activities have caused the death of thousands of innocent Pakistanis since the time he established his set-up in London. Despite the mayhem that he has caused, the British government has never raised a finger against him. But now, the cause of British helplessness in this regard is coming out in the open. The attack on Iraq assisted by trumped up charges was recently exposed by the British enquiry commission and former British prime minister, Tony Blair, had to issue a public apology for going along with the false excuses that were concocted to attack Iraq. The anti-Pakistan subversive set-up had also started functioning just about at the same time. This shows that Britain was forced by a superpower to act as an accomplice. The common British people had been expressing their angst against such destructive policies since that time but it seems that somehow they were incapacitated by some hidden forces. But now, they seem to have stood up to their manipulators, defeated the Labour Party, and have even ousted their last prime minister. The new government must have asked the Pakistani political leader manipulating Karachi to cease his subversive activities, and therefore, he is forced to move to the country of his actual masters. Now we can only hope for a better future, and as Quaid-e-Millat Liaqat Ali Khan had said in his dying words, “Allah Pakistan ko mahfooz rakhay.” 


Multan, August 27.