NEW DELHI: India has denied reports that there was any move to give asylum to exiled and wanted Baloch activist Brahumdagh Bugti, who had requested the Indian government for issuing him Indian passport and Identity Card to enable him to carry out his anti-Pakistan activities abroad.

"We have no such intentions at present," a senior government source was quoted by Times of India today.

In an interview from Switzerland, where he lives, Bugti said he had not made any formal request for asylum to the Indian government though he indicated he would come to India if he could. "Right now, I'm here, but I face problems regarding my travel. So, if I get an option to be in India, I will definitely go there," he told an Indian news agency in interview arranged by Indian embassy.

"Our people in Balochistan and Afghanistan are in a very difficult situation. Very few are able to come to Europe, the rest are living there only. So, we want that the Indian government should open its doors for them and provide them access, including myself," Bugti said adding that he would take a decision at an internal meeting on September 19.

“If I ever get a chance to move to India, I will definitely go there” Bugti said.

Asked why he was seeking asylum in India, Bugti was quoted as saying: “ In Europe, even if a government or the immigration department knows the problem, the people don't. But in India, the people know about our problems, we will have their support. We share the same culture. We will be closer to our people and our people can easily seek asylum there, and it is easier for them to reach there with their families."