LAHORE-Janaan is a romantic comedy film as perceived from its name. The story presents Swat and its mountains that have never looked threatening over picturesque lakes grazing dressed in yellow and green, extremely civilized family and pretty faces. It is a completely original film with great story. I don’t remember the moment when the people weren’t laughing during the premiere screening of the film.

The film is written by Osman Khalid Butt and directed by Azfar Jafri. The main idea behind shooting Janaan was to put a light on the good things of Pakistan, internationally, rather than just, you know, showing the unenthusiastic things. The movie has been released in 17 countries. The movie is receiving tremendous response oversees and performing superb in UK and will rubberneck 2lac pounds over the week.  The film has collected 1.04cr approx on its first day in Pakistan. The story kicks off from Meena ( Armeena Khan ) who went to abroad for high studies. Now she is returning back to swat after spending a lot of time in abroad.

After then when she comes to swat to meet her family she meets her cousins Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf) and Daniyal (Ali Rehman). Armeena Khan, Bilal Asharaf and Daniyal all have proved themselves as talented artists. They played their roles incredibly. The family home, that is the outer to the movie, has a superb prosperity, full up with wooden carvings, long-established overstated padding, and antique doors of Swat houses which add grace of that place.

Meena gets proposed by two of her cousins and falls in love with one and remains just friends with the other.  On the whole Ajab Gul and Nayyar Ejaz played their role with justice as mischievous villain. Ali Rehman’s funny character was the saving elegance of the film.

The script of the film could be better as the whole film left us lynching in the middle as we failed to understand basic subject what Janaan wanted to portray in front of the audience but still it is not bad at all. Wedding traditions in Swat, culture, love triangle and suddenly a sensitive topic of child abuse made the script brimming. Now the question is should one watch Jannan? Obviously yes!  Pakistan Film Industry has progressed day by day and it is producing good movies. People belong to this industry are confident that they will produce further good movies like Janaan. The film makers are young people that are taking over the reins of films brilliantly. It is a family movie and worth watching.