NEW DELHI: "Pakistan says whatever it feels like, Kashmir will never be a part of Pakistan," said Shaukat Ali, an exiled member of the United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP), to ANI today.

"Pakistan is trying to spread communalism in Kashmir, no democratic/secular/nationalist Kashmiri would agree to Pakistan's slogan,"Ali added. He was referring to Pakistan-based terrorist Hafiz Saeed's oft-repeated statement, "Kashmir Banega Pakistan (Kashmir will become part of Pakistan)".

Ali urged the Indian government to "address the voices of secular, nationalist and democratic Kashmiris" and urged that nations around the world boycott Pakistan until it "makes space for secular people, or changes its policies."

The UKPNP's website describes the party as standing for the "liberation of Jammu and Kashmir", but at the same time it's also committed to democracy and secularism, and not in favour of a religious state.

"The people of India and Pakistan who believe in liberty, democracy and justice are openly favoring the national democratic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as whole and particularly in the areas under the administration of Pakistan," it says in its 'About Us' section.

Today, speaking from Geneva, Ali, who's UKPNP's chairman, reiterated the party's abhorrence of Pakistan.

"With what face Pakistan talks about human rights violations? World isn't foolish, won't fall for Pakistan's lies,"Ali said, referring to its oppression of and human rights abuses on the people of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK). "Pakistan has always supported militancy in Kashmir since its inception," Ali said.

Courtesy TOI