SIALKOT- The nephew of a trader, whose wife and daughter were found murdered at their house nine days ago, has confessed to killing them.

The police have arrested Shoaib who has confessed to shooting them dead over a marriage row. Altaf Hussain Bhatti’s wife Shabnam Altaf (45) and daughter Fatima Altaf (20) were mysteriously found shot dead at their home in Sialkot city’s congested Imam Sahib-Naikapura locality on September 08, 2016. The police investigators said that they thoroughly checked the CCTV cameras footage installed in the street. The police found a motorcycle standing outside the house, where they were murdered. The motorcycle belonged to accused Iftikhar Hussain Bhatti, the brother of Altaf Hussain Bhatti.

Police took Iftikhar Hussain Bhatti into custody, who said that his nephew (Bhaanja) Shoaib, recently returned from France, had taken his motorcycle. Police arrested accused Shoaib who later confessed to killing Shabnam Altaf and her young daughter with the help of his accomplices.

The main accused killed them for refusing his proposal of marriage. Altaf also told the police that his nephew was settled in France and we had turned down his proposal.

The police recovered a broken chain of the accused Shoaib from the spot where both the mother and daughter were murdered. Police also recovered the blooded clothes of the accused and his other companions from a house of the other relatives of the accused located in Sialkot city’s Budhi bazaar locality.

Accused Shoaib told the police that he and his other companions had taken bath at the house of his uncle after killing them.