Rawalpindi-Unknown robbers looted gold ornaments worth Rs20 million from a jewellery shop on Murree Road during Eid holidays. A case has been registered against the gang of unknown robbers with Police Station (PS) Banni with no arrest or recovery so far, they said.

According to the sources, a gang of robbers entered a technical institute located on backside of the Rana Jewellers by smashing locks of doors and then drilled a large-sized hole in the wall of jewellery shop. They said the robbers then cut the iron lockers with help of gas cutters and plundered gold of Rs20 million and escaped.

The incident came into light only after the technical institute’s administration found the locks smashed and informed the police about the robbery.

A heavy contingent of police rushed to the crime scene and collected evidences, sources said.

Rana Suhail, victim shop owner, lodged a written complaint with the Police Station Banni stating robbers mugged gold worth Rs20 million from his shop and requested police to register a case against the bandits. Police registered a case and started investigation.

A police officer confirmed the heist of robbery in jewellery shop while talking to The Nation. He said a case was lodged and police were trying to trace the robbers.

On the other hand, a gang of robber stormed into a house located at Gulzar-e-Quaid, within limits of PS Airport, and made off with gold, cash and other household.

According to details, a citizen Muhammad Ali Shah told police he along with family went Kashmir for celebrating Eid ul Azha when unknown robbers entered his house and plundered Rs2,50,000 cash, gold and households. Police lodged case and started investigation.

Meanwhile, police during a drive against anti-social elements netted 18 law-breakers and recovered 3490 grams charras, 179 liter liquor, four pistols 30 bore with 11 rounds, 120 kites and 12 kite flying string rolls from the possession of the arrested accused.

According to police, Saddar Baroni police held Javed Ahmed and Muhammad Majeed for having 530 and 515 grams charras respectively.

Murree police netted Muhammad Sohaib on recovery of 500 grams charras. Taxila police rounded up Sahib Khan for possessing 1475 grams charras.

Gunjmandi police arrested Ranjeet and recovered five liter liquor while 10 liter liquor was recovered from Athar.

Taxila police apprehended Zafar Iqbal for carrying 140 liter liquor.

Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons, drugs, kites, and liquor.