SIALKOT-There is no implementation of the Punjab chief minister’s announcement he made four and half years ago to establish a Sialkot Development Authority (SDA) here, local exporters regretted.

During a meeting held on April 24, 2012 at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry(SCCI), Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif had announced to establish “Sialkot Development Authority”(SDA) at Sialkot following the pressing demand of Sialkot business community. He had said that following the global importance of Sialkot, there was a dire need of establishing the authority. The CM had announced immediate establishment of Sialkot Development Authority (SDA) for the socio-economic and human development of Sialkot.

Now, about four and half years have passed but there is no development in this regard. The export-oriented city is globally known for producing the best quality sports goods and surgical instruments. It plays a pivotal role in strengthening the nation economy by earning foreign exchange to the tune of $2 billion annually.

However, it has been deprived of such authority since the creation of Pakistan. SCCI President Mansur Ahmed said, “The Sialkot exporters always played a leading role in the socio-economic and human development of Sialkot on self help basis”. Riazud Din, an exporter, stated that the Sialkot exporters are enriched with the spirit of self help for serving the nation in different sectors.

Former presidents of SCCI Dr Muhammad Aslam Dar, Mian Naeem Javaid, Mian Muhammad Riaz, Haneef Khan, Dr Nouman Idrees Butt, Khawar Anwar Khawaja, Sheikh Tahir Majeed Kapur, Naeem Anwar Qureshi , Dr Khurram Anwar Khawaja, Fazal Jillani, Sheikh Abdul Waheed Sandal and Dr Sarfraz Bashir said that the Sialkot exporters had already completed mega projects of Sialkot International Airport, Sialkot Dry Port, Sialkot Export Processing Zone(EPZ), Small Industrial Estates, main inter-city roads under the Sialkot City Development Package etc.

Former SCCI President Fazal Jillani added that now the grand project of private airline “Air Sial” was also in pipeline. He said that the Sialkot exporters are establishing their private airline on self help basis for providing international standard travelling and aviation facilities for the Sialkot exporters.

The exporters were in dire need of proper patronage by the government at every level. The early establishment of “Sialkot Development Authority” (SDA) at Sialkot has become the need and demand of the hour.

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