Amidst continued Indian shelling on the Sialkot villages on Saturday, Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir said that the PML-N would win the NA-120 by election being held today with big margin of votes.

The defence minister added that PTI chairman Imran Khan did not act appropriately by moving the court regarding the election issues. He said that political issues should be solved by the politicians not by the courts.

He also said that the present government was utilising all sources  for the relief of the people. In Gujranwala, he said, many development projects have been completed including Aziz Cross Flyover to solve the traffic problems of the city. He said the N League has made everything best for the nation and now there was nothing left for the opposition to do in the future.

He said, "We are well aware of Indian conspiracies and increasing warfare; Prime Minister Abbasi is going to address the United Nations next week where he will brief the participants about Indian war crimes in the region."

Talking to the media after inauguration ceremony of Ladies Park Model Town in Gujranwala, he said the Pak Army is defending the country very bravely, the forces played a vital role to bring peace in the country after great sacrifices. He said the nation was thankful to God for making the country peaceful.

Robberies, thefts continue unabated

Citizens were deprived of cash, gold ornaments, vehicles and other valuables in 26 incidents here on Saturday.

In Ferozwala, bandits looted Rs22,000, gold chain and cellphone from Arshad, at Ahmed nagar armed men took away Rs70,000, three cellphones and gold locket from Billal, at Ferozwala, robbers snatched Rs14,000, motorcycle and cellphones from Rashid, in the Gujranwala Saddr Police limits, Rafiq was deprived of Rs63,000, two cellphones and gold ornaments at gunpoint, and in Kamoke Saddr area, bandits snatched Rs73,000, two cellphones from Ashraf.

In Kamoke City area, armed men looted Rs100,000, gold rings and cellphones from Amin, at Wahndo dacoits took away Rs70,000, three cellphones from Munawar; in Gujranwala Saddr area, armed men snatched Rs35,000 and two cellphones from Ali Haider,  In Alipur Chattha; armed men snatched Rs70,000, gold ornaments and cellphone from Hafiz, in civil Lines area robbers looted Rs22,000, two cellphones and motorcycle from Yasir, at Wahndo armed men entered in the shop of Abdul Waheed and looted Rs60,000 and other valuables, and in Sabzi mandi area swindlers took away cash, gold ornaments and cellphone from woman.

At Ahmed Nagar dacoits looted Rs53,000, two cellphones from Farooq, in Sohdra Ishaq was deprived  of Rs35,000, two cellphones and gold chain at gunpoint, in Emanabad, armed men looted Rsl27,000, motorcycle and two cellphones from Saleem, and at Ahmed Nagar bandits snatched Rs72,000, cellphone and gold ornaments from Moazam.

In theft incidents unknown thieves took away cash, gold ornaments and valuables from the houses and shops of Shoaib, Abdul Razaq, Sohail, Atif, Yasir, and Rauf, while cars of Mateen and Naeem, and motorcycle of Noor Ahmed were stolen from different places.