What do we think about success? For me success is something subjective not objective. We cannot set one firm definition for success. Success is something subjective. Everyone has their own parameters to gage their level of success. For a girl who is married; success is a blissful family and well clad children. Man who is a business man will consider himself prosperous when he rules the market.  Similarly if there are two doctors serving in same hospital and department will have different views about success. One may consider himself as a successful doctor because he serves and help needy people. While on other side another doctor may consider himself successful on basis of money in his account or luxuries he has.

From all these examples it is now very obvious that success is subjective. But why are we still so confused while following our dreams? Why we are so anxious to choose exceptional field and stand out in society? This is because we do not accept this fact that success is subjective. We enforce our ideologies and set of ideas on others and society. We impose our designation of success on others. For instance, if our parents think their daughter should either become a doctor or a teacher, they fix this concept and try to impose it on their daughter. Such parents become biggest stumbling block on their way of success of their children. And if their daughter becomes an anchor they will always look down upon her, whenever they will meet some other lady doctor.

We can achieve our dreams once we become confident enough to set our own definition of success to the world and convince them that your path is different from them. You are living different part of story in this world so how can your success ideology be same as others. It can be same with few but not everyone. According to Walter Elias Disney co-founder, The Walt Disney Company, “All are dreams can come true if we have courage to peruse them.”

However, we are not usually perusing our dreams but merely acting as mirrors reflecting the carrier dreams and aspiration of an external force of influence. We are living an illusion that we are following our dreams but in majority of the cases we are actually trying to practice our parents or societal stereotypical definition of success. In order to fix ourselves in so-called societal definition of success, we usually witness an artist sitting in a doctor’s cabin or a person who is passionate about medicine is found in a business office. This is usually due to popular culture of career in our society. We fix term success with three to four fields and stigmatize all other occupations and tag people as unsuccessful person without realising that it shakes other person’s self-esteem and also show level of shallowness of a person who is fond of tagging others as unsuccessful.

If you are confident enough to break the stereotypical definition of success constructed by society then you are one who will discover his or her dream, aim and passion. According to Confucius, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” To discover your dream you have to discover yourself first, know your strength and weaknesses; know your likes and dislikes; know what you love doing and finally you will discover what success is for you. What do you want to achieve in order to count yourself in the list of successful people? Once you discover what you want and where you see yourself in future you are on your way towards success.

Just imagine if you do discover your dream career you would never have to wake up every morning and have that sinking feeling in your heart dreading to go to work. Turn your dreams as your goals. You will start living a life of your own choice. Wherever you will encounter hardships, you will face them with confidence and a smiling face, because they will play role in bringing you closer to your dreams. Every day will be your day.

In a nutshell, success is what you want to be and where you want to be. Once you follow your dream you become contented and happy. That feeling of satisfaction and joy is called success in other terms. So let’s just stop pulling legs of each other and open our minds to accept views of other people as well because rigidness is something related to the dead, a person who is alive is flexible as well as open to all sorts’ of opinion. Be broad minded in a true sense.