China and Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a collection of infrastructure projects that is currently under construction in Pakistan. CPEC will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will have a positive impact on Iran, Afghanistan and India.

CPEC is intended to rapidly modernize Pakistani infrastructure and strengthen its economy by the construction of modern transportation networks, numerous energy projects, and special economic zones.

Modern transportation networks built under CPEC will link seaports in Gwadar and Karachi with northern Pakistan as well as points further north in western China and Central Asia. A 1,100 kilometer long motorway will be built between the cities of Karachi and Lahore as part of CPEC, while the Karakoram Highway between Rawalpindi and Chinese border will be completely reconstructed. The Karachi-Peshawar main railway line will be upgraded to allow for train travel at up to 160 km per hour by December 2019. Pakistan railway network will also be extended to eventually connect to China Southern Xinjiang railway in Kashgar.

Over $33 billion worth of energy infrastructure are to beconstructed by private consortia to help Pakistan's annual chronic energy shortages. A network of pipelines to transport liquefied natural gas and oil will also be laid as part of the project, including a $2.5 billion pipeline between Gwadar and Nawabshah to eventually transport gas from Iran. Electricity from theseprojects will primarily willbe generated from fossil fuels, though hydroelectric and wind-power projects are also included.

Through Gwadar port the money earned will be millions of dollars and the loan given to us by china will be paid from these earnings so which means that the Pakistan won't need to take off the loan from their personal earned money the loan will pay off by the earnings coming from Gwadar port. After the loans paid off Pakistan will earn millions of dollars a year which will increase the total amount of money earned by Pakistan a year by many percent.

"To build a China-Pakistan community of shared destiny is a strategic decision made by our two governments and peoples. Let us work together to create an even brighter future for China and Pakistan."

This was said by the President of China XiJinping showing how much they want to help create good relations between these two countries and knowing that most of the benefit will be for Pakistan.

So as People of Pakistan we have been given a responsibility to support this CPEC project to the very end, I know there are many people who think that by this project Pakistan will be at a disadvantage as china will have an open route into Pakistan but I am sure it will be for our benefit. China have been supporting us for many years by giving billions of dollars as loan and now by setting this project so I think we have been given a chance from Allah and we should take advantage of it.