The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has increased prices of gas on Monday.

Details of the decisions of the ECC were announced by Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Ghulam Sarwar and Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry at a news conference in Islamabad.

They said slabs for gas consumers have also been increased from the existing three to seven to rationalize the price increase for different segments of the society.

The Ministers said there would be an increase of ten to fifteen per cent in gas price for first two slabs. The increase would be 19% for the third slab.

They said there would be an increase of just twenty-three rupees for the first category of consumers. They, however, said there would be the higher increase for consumers falling in upper categories.

The ministers said there would be no increase in price for zero-rated industries.

All taxes on import of LPG have been abolished and only 10% GST would be levied. As result, the price of an LPG cylinder would come down from the existing about 1600 rupees to 1400 rupees per cylinder, they said.

On a query, the information minister said there would be no increase in the price of electricity due to an increase in the price of gas.

Ghulam Sarwar said the ministry, legal experts, NAB and FIA are looking into different clauses of the LNG import accord and findings would be made public.