Beating all odds and proving all his political opponents wrong those who used to say that Imran Khan doesn't know how to do politics, he has become the Prime Minister. After 22 years of his untiring political struggle, Imran Khan sworn as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, a country of almost 22 crores (220 million) population.

By winning this general election Imran Khan created a new history. First, PTI emerged as the most popular national party who won seats from all the provinces of Pakistan. Secondly, Imran Khan has set a new record by winning all five constituencies from which he was contesting the election. Thirdly, PTI is the only party which not only retained its position in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the second consecutive term but also improved it. Finally, the party secured the majority seats in Karachi which was astonishing even for the local parties who had been ruling there from years.

There are many factors which have made Imran Khan successful. The very first and undeniable factor is his sheer dedication and determination. Since his cricket days, he is known as a courageous fighter who never loses hope and fights for success till the last ball of match. And if he loses one match, gets ready to fight back with more zeal and zest.

He is perhaps the best example of Ernest Hemingway famous quote: 'A man can be destroyed but not defeated'. The other factor of his success is that he was the only politician who was still untested. The two major parties PMLN and PPP had formed governments numerous times both at the provincial and the national level but failed terribly to deliver anything to the people of Pakistan.After seven decades of independence the dwellers of this country are still yearning for their basic rights. Most of the people are still struggling for meeting their both ends.

Now people wants to get out of this suffocating condition and voted for change, the famous slogan PTI introduced. One other factor is that Imran Khan exposed the mutual understanding of PMLN and PPP of taking terms - one in government and the other to play the role of friendly opposition.These parties disappointed the people by delivering them nothing tangible which could change their lot.

Imran Khan talked about the poor and underprivileged class from the very first day. He gave people awareness about their rights which a group of elites in the government have been usurping and making their own properties by accumulating money from their taxes.Now he and his party have come into power. It is time to deliver and fulfill promises that he has been making in the last 22 years.

It is almost one month that Imran Khan has sworn as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.In this very short span of time he has won hearts of people including many of his opponents by initiating to make all policies for poor and underprivileged people.

Pakistan is a country where a large number of people are living below the poverty line. The newly elected Prime Minster took radical steps to reduce government expenses. He ceased all the discretionary funds of parliamentarians and the Prime Minister also. Besides many other saving policies are introduced like government official are not allowed to take official medical treatment abroad. They won't travel in first class. The PM also acted upon these austerity measures and quit protocol of dozens of cars and refused to live in luxurious Prime Minister House.

Building news dams and reservoirs had been criminally ignored by all the previous governments. The newly elected PM took the challenge and addresses the nation to tell them the real situation. In his address to his people he informed that if they don't build new water reservoirs, there will be draught like situation in next seven years. Therefore he emphasized on building new dams and for that he appealed to his nation, especially overseas Pakistanis, to generously contribute for building new dams.Special health and education policies are also being made.

Our foreign policy is taking new turns in PTI's government. Now decisions are made which are in the best interest of country. After decades we have started to act upon the most famous quote of Lord Palmerston about international relations that there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, the thing which is permanent are nation interests. Its examples are the recent of foreign delegations visiting Pakistan. The new government is making policies to develop good relations with neighboring countries including India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has made it clear in his meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US military chief General Joseph Dunford that Pakistan will not fight war of any other country. In meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Prime Minister Imran Khan pledged to implement the controversy-hit USD 50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

If we keep a bird's eye view of Imran Khan's past life then we can judge it easily that he had been taking the most difficult challenges in his life and emerging as victorious - be it cricket, cancer hospital, building a university for the poor or politics. Through his life he proved himself an iconoclast who had been breaking the old and tested notions through his determination and hard work. He has achieved those targets for which he was warned that he would never be successful. This time he took the most difficult challenge and his previous life tells that he will emerge again as victorious by making Pakistan a welfare state. (Insha Allah).