Libraries play an essential role for the developing of any nation, and which is one of the greatest source for any student towards success. A library is an immense place of learning and a student can easily study the several kinds of informative books.  

Unfortunately, Turbat which is the second largest city of Baluchistan where the government schools students are facing a basic facilities of libraries. This is one of the reasons that students are going toward backward to study several books and improve their reading skill strong.  

However, there are approximately more than 60 government schools in Turbat city but most of them don’t have libraries, might 3 or 4 schools have but books are too much old that can’t be studied because they are torn, due to which there students interests became lost to go to school in order to accomplish education, truly they are disappointed towards school. Finally, I would like to request to our new government of Pakistan who should take the serious action in order to provide many libraries for the students. 


Kech, August 30.