According to the Pakistan national census report 2017, the highest percentage of Pakistan’s population is youth, and no doubt then, Pakistan’s youth is the force that can put the country on the road to success. But a nation can achieve success when the mind and bodies of its youth is in a position to work towards economic and intellectual progress. In present situation, we know that malnutrition is one of core issue of Pakistan which could slow down its potential for growth.

Pakistan currently has the longest generation of young people ever in its history, with about 2/3 two thirds of the total population under 30 years of age. This includes children under 15 who will be tomorrow’s youth. According to the report, more than 177,000 children die annually in Pakistan before their fifth birthday due to them or their mothers falling victim to malnutrition.

It is an alarming sign that more than 2/3 two third of Pakistan’s children are suffering from anemia, iodine deficiency or stunting will suffer deficits in mental and physical health. It is only by arming our youth with basic mental and physical health nutrition that can take our country Pakistan forward into the future. So, it is my request to Pakistan health department to take a sou motu action against this core issue and also all parties need to play their role in creating awareness.


Kech, August 30.