Overseas Pakistani’s online i-voting registration process was completed on Monday and, according to details, as many as 7,410 overseas Pakistanis have successfully completed the registration process.

These Pakistanis will now be able to take part in the upcoming by-election on the 14th of next month. However, the total strength of overseas Pakistanis was 631,909. Registration process of overseas Pakistanis began on 1st September and ended on Monday, September 17.

The eligibility criteria for overseas Pakistanis to register and cast vote was to have a machine-readable passport (MRP), National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) and a valid email address. All the above mentioned overseas Pakistanis were registered under this process.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), 7,410 Pakistanis have successfully completed the whole registration process. A website had been developed by the ECP and NADRA to raise awareness and encourage them to register for i-voting with instruction in both English and Urdu.

The entire system of registration has been made foolproof. On August 17, the Supreme Court (SC) had allowed Pakistanis living abroad to vote in the by-polls.