Pakistan has not only voiced its concerns but also layed out its demands to India in the first round of two-day water talks between the two countries in Lahore on Wednesday.  

Pakistan’s Indus Water Commissioner Syed Meher Ali Shah conveyed to the Indian delegation its demands over the reservoirs constructed on River Chenab, as well as, the designs of the hydroelectricity projects. Islamabad has voiced its concerns over the designs of 1,500 megawatt Pakal Dul dam and 45 megawatt Lower Kulnai dams which are set to be constructed on River Chenab. Moreover, Islamabad presented documents to prove that the designs are in violation of the Sindh Taas Agreement.  

The focus of the discussions will include Indian hydropower projects at Lower Kalnai and Pakal Dul which will have installed capacity of 48 and 1,000 megawatts respectively. As a result of these projects, India will be able to control 108,000 acre-feet of water from river Chenab. The Pak India water treaty is an old news but there is no any serious step take over it. Pakistan rainfall is very less after being an agricultural country.  

The only source of water are Ravi, Jehlum, Chenab, Sutlej and Bias rivers which fall from side of Kashmir. Therefore, there should be a peaceful decision taken and the matter should be soon solved. 


Kech, August 29.