president of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi while addressing the joint session of Parliment on Monday has said that the corruption and the personal interests are the root cause of all the problems Pakistan is facing today.

"If we want to see Pakistan prosper, institutions need to work honestly", President Arif said while addressing.

President said, "I am very thankful to my fellow parliamentarians who have elected me to perform the highest constitutional responsibility".

Talking about the challenges being faced by Pakistan he said, we should all work together to bring our country out of troubles.

In his address, the president emphasized that in 'Naya Pakistan' there was a need to end unnecessary protocol. He added that special attention needed to be paid to the country’s debt to GDP ratio. “We need to adopt austerity to succeed.”

Pakistan will overcome all the challenges as Pakistanis are very brave and determined nation, Arif Alvi added.

Highlighting the water scarcity in the country he stressed to build dams on the emergency basis, "Sindh and Balochistan are affecting with severe drought and climate change is impacting Pakistan", Alvi said.

PTI's government top priority is to resolve the economic crisis being faced by the country. The president added that inflation had increased in the country owing to an increase in the cost of the dollar, while circular debt was more than Rs1,100 billion.“I want the government to reduce financial losses and made investment opportunities more feasible.” Our government fully support the CPEC due to its economic benefits, he further stated.

Talking about the women empowerment Alvi said, "More power and opportunities should be given to women".

Arif Alvi stressed that Pakistan wanted peaceful relations with all the neighbouring countries and especially with India as we want a peaceful solution to Kashmir issue. Kashmiri’s have a right to self-determination and I urge the international community to help, he stated.

Today's joint session is the first formal sitting of the National Assembly after election and swearing-in of the new prime minister, speaker and the deputy speaker. 

Earlier, the session was scheduled to be held on September 13 but was postponed until September 17 due to the death of former first lady Kulsoom Nawaz.

According to constitutional provisions, the president has to address a joint session of the Parliament at the beginning of the first session of the National Assembly after a general election as well as the first sitting of the assembly in every parliamentary year.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, members of the federal cabinet and Parliament, chief ministers, governors, ambassadors, diplomats, members of civil society and important personalities from different walks of life are likely to attend the joint session.

Special passes have been issued for the auspicious occasion. All leading entry and exit points would be strictly monitored and unauthorised vehicles would not be allowed to enter the federal capital without a thorough search. 

Rangers officials along with police will be deployed to ensure foolproof security on the occasion.