KARACHI - Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA and women wing president Nusrat Wahid on Sunday donated her one month salary to the dam fund opened on the instruction of Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Further commenting on the criticism by the opposition parties over the fund raising for the dams construction, she said that opposition parties’ analysis over generation of funds is totally superfluous. She said that the former rulers’ incompetency and rigidity was the main reason behind the delay of many key projects including the construction of dams in country.

Holding former rulers responsible for the great crisis of water resources in the country, she pointed out the that country economy is based on Agriculture output and it is matter of great concern that the level of water on all rivers is depleting further more India is trying to capture and control the flow of water towards Pakistan by building dams barricades which is also a part of international conspiracy. Today we stood on the third position in the line of the countries facing water crisis, she added.

Nusrat said that as per the current situation the underground reservoir of water is hardly 21 per cent and if we do not stop the Indian water and irrigation plan by stopping the water flows towards Pakistan, our situation will be worst then Ethiopia and Somalia.

She said that it is good sign and appreciated move by Chief Justice of Pakistan to initiate Dams Fund accounts and every Pakistan should come forward to put his share in the funds and avoid serious water crisis like situation in Pakistan.