LONDON-Ed Sheeran has hit out at cuts to music education in state schools. The 'Shape of You' hitmaker has warned that slashing of funding to music education will directly affect the music industry in the UK and revealed he was ''benefited hugely'' from the music education provided at his own state school.

Sharing a link to an article about the cuts on Instagram, Ed, 27, wrote: ''I feel very strongly about this. I benefited hugely from state school music, as I'm sure many other UK musicians have.

''If you keep cutting the funding for arts you're going to be damaging one of Britain's best and most lucrative exports. Anyway, one to think about.''

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Ed will peak in his mid-40s.

Murray Cummings, Ed's cousin, has dedicated the past eight years to producing a documentary based on his famous relative called 'Songwriter', and after doing his research and judging the 'Perfect' hitmaker's idols' longevity, he expects Ed to continue to mature as a writer for the next 18 years or so.

He said: ''I can't wait to hear what he does next. Because I know his musical influences and that he grew up on Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, I really want to hear the album that he makes at 45.

''Maybe it is the commercial peak now but it is definitely not the songwriting peak.''

The film, which has been bought by Apple, will follow the singer's early busking days right up to his record-breaking hit song 'Shape of You', and is set to reveal his secrets to making chart-topping hits.

Murray explained: ''I always felt my documentary about him would be about him doing small gigs but then he became Ed Sheeran.

''So I thought, 'What original take could I do that only I could do?' And my passion when he was working was watching him make a song.''