In response to the petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC) , The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) told that a chapter on fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution had been incorporated in newly-printed textbook of Pakistan Studies for grades IX to XII.

While education about fundamental rights is crucial for the youth to know their rights protected by the Constitution, including right to live, security of person, right to fair trial, prohibition of forced labour or slavery, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of trade, business or profession, freedom of speech, right to information, right to profess religion, protection to property right, right to education, equality of citizens etc.

On the contrary, all over the world the students at school level are taught about fundamental rights provided in the constitutions of their respective country. Moreover, it would help masses to get rid of colonial imprints of being subjugated in the hands of public institutions and government in power--- even on those acts which are permitted as basic right by the constitution. Nevertheless, constitution has provided us with every right that civilized society needs, but why do we suffer? Answer is poor education and ignorance of rights that constitution (a bond through which we are adhered to the state) provides us.

Furthermore, we can make accountability process more effective at the lowest level (public). For instance, right to information can prove to be a great watchdog for public institutions: one can compare inked documents with outlaid utility services to the public in real. Similarly, different articles can be used as tools for yielding good results in every sector of society--- strengthening culture of democracy.

Consequently, It is plausible act by the petitioner to litigate this important matter in the court. Similarly, I request to the Sindh government and other provincial governments to make at least first chapter of Constitution of Pakistan as a part of their respective curriculum for the best interest of public.