Lies, deceit and imperial arrogance are the three defining traits of the empire of the day: the United States of America (USA). The attack on Saudi Arabia’s major oil facilities provided the US with a perfect opportunity to blame Iran. The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is proving himself a capable replacement of John Bolton. He was quick to blame Iran, though the Houthi rebels claimed responsibility. President Trump also tried to give the impression of Iran’s involvement.

However, Saudi Arab has not blamed anyone. The Saudi silence on the attacks shows that even Saudi officials are not convinced of who was behind the attacks. What explains the US desire to blame Iran for the attacks? At present, there are more than enough reasons for the warmongers in Trump’s administration to go against Iran. China has already defied all US pressures and wants to invest at least $400 billion in Iran. The Chinese determination has also accelerated the US warmongers desire to invade Iran by hook or by crook.

Nevertheless, the US is confused about how to deal with Iran. Only a few days back, Trump hinted to have a possible meeting with his Iranian counterpart. And now Pompeo and Trump are in the lead to blame Iran for attacks on Saudi oil instalments. Is there any way that the highly charged atmosphere in Gulf can be normalised? More importantly, are the US and Russia willing to let go of their narrow interests for the sake of bringing stability to the region?

The role of two countries in perpetuating the crisis in the region cannot be overlooked. However, China is the only country that has remained neutral in the whole Gulf fiasco. China can play the role of mediator between Riyadh and Tehran to sort out their differences. And China needs to take a proactive approach in this regard if it wants to materialise its pledge of investments in Iran.